Lifestyle from Anywhere

For me, working a “9 to 5” job is too limiting. If you have the job of your dreams, setting a time clock to work a shift for someone else is geat!!

Not for me. My dream is to travel across the globe working on my time, making myself an income, without being told what to do and not getting any credit for the hard work I have put in.

Working for myself, allows me to see my own achievements come to fruition, being rewarded for my efforts and giving myself all the praise that I can handle!

Do I miss the comradery of working in a brick and mortar? Not at all, because I get to meet people everyday, and build teams of people that I get to chat with everyday and at will!

Honestly, one of the downsides for me is gossip.

When I was a kid, I was the one everyone always picked on and gossiped about, and of course none of it was ever true.

So, I chose to get away from working for corporations, to create a more positive, happy, and rewarding career.

My day is filled with Networking, and I love it! Plus, with just my laptop, cellphone, and creativity, I can work from anywhere I want.


I am an Affiliate and Network Marketer, an Independent Virtual Call Center Business Owner, and a Delivery Service Driver.

In fact, if you live in the Reno area, you may have had your order delivered by me. (You would know by the little “Thank You” cards I give with every order.)

I have been a part-time GrubHub Driver since 2020 when the pandemic hit the United States. Being one of the many who lost their full-time jobs due to “Corporate Restructuring”, GrubHub supplemented the income I lost due to the lay-off.

This also kicked me into High Gear, when it came to building my Affiliate Marketing business, of which I have 2 wonderful companies that I am starting to build my full time income from…

Melaleuca and ColorStreet.

Listen, if you are going to work in Network/Affiliate Marketing, do it for companies that have a recession proof compensation plan, as well as amazing products… which they both do.

Now, Networking can be hard for some people… so I also have built a whole training course in how to Network Market to people, even if you are shy and have a hard time striking up conversations.